No Deposit Bonus vs. Deposit Bonus - Which Works Better?

One of the things that determine how popular an online casino is among players is the range of promotions it offers. As the saying goes, when it comes to promotions the more the merrier! An online casino that looks great and has a great selection of games is awesome of course, but what matters a lot to players, prospective ones as well as existing ones, are the promotions that the casino has for them.

There are different promotions on offer, the two main types being the deposit bonuses and the no deposit bonuses. So which of these two types work better for players? Do everyone gun for the deposit bonuses because they are the big ones, or do the smaller (or even big ones, for that matter) no deposit bonuses take the cake? Let us take a quick look at these two main types of bonuses here.

The No Deposit Bonus – It Actually Works!

At first glance, the no deposit bonus may seem too small, or not significant enough to be something that you would want. After all, it is usually a small amount and even if it is the larger purse it always comes with a time constraint. And then you have the fact that it is not something you see at all online casinos. But that is only what you see at first glance. Look a little deeper and you will see there are a number of things that make it work.

For starters, it is free, and that is a big deal. Imagine going to a game and being told that the first $10 of your wager is on the house; all you have to do is play. And what is more, you get to keep any winnings you make while using this bonus. That is something that instantly grabs your attention and makes it one of the most successful strategies employed by casinos to hook new players. The reason it is not offered by every casino is because it is after all money they seemingly put up from their pockets (though that is debatable given that the casino makes its money off its players).

The Deposit Bonus – It Works Too!

The deposit bonus, when compared to the no deposit bonus, may seem a little in the pale at first. Because you have to put up your money to be able to receive this bonus; that is not something you need to do with the no deposit bonus. But then, the deposit bonus covers the entire range of players – from new players to existing players, and it is something you definitely need to look at once you have exhausted your no deposit bonus. Even though you are funding your account, the fact remains that you do get a corresponding amount from the casino as well. And deposit bonuses are usually big, especially the welcome bonuses.

If you actually think about it, the question is not about which works better, because they both complement each other. In terms of strategy, it is a lethal combination – offer a no deposit bonus to reel you in and then offer you a larger welcome bonus that comes with a bigger amount from the casino. Each has its own positives and negatives, and at the same time work wonderfully well for you as a player. That is why casinos offer them, and that is why people sign up with them.